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Monday, 26 December 2011



Hi Madeline,
Me too, I am glad that I received the Christmas stocking right before Christmas! I would still be glad if I got it after Christmas though because it is so cute and beautifully made. I love it so much! I got it on the 24th :-) ! Thanks so much for sending me the stocking! My cousin says thanks too for sending her the stocking she won. She cannot log into her blog for some reason to post a comment so she asked me to tell you. We hope you enjoyed your Christmas! Congratulations on getting new Blythe dolls! Those are really awesome gifts! YAY!

Love, Lynn

Ivy Weir

Oh Madeline, they are WONDERFUL!!

Tyrese Bernardo

They are absolutely wonderful!!
I THINK your mum should name SIMPLY LILAC Lilac or IzaBelle
I THINK your mum should name SIMPLY PEPPERMINT Mintie or JezaBell
i hope you like my name suggestions!!
From Tyrese

Tyrese Bernardo

ps. what blythe is zali maree? she looks like petit de'jeuner champs elysees. She is very cute!

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