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Sunday, 06 November 2011



Hi Madeline,
My name is Lynn and I am 20. The stockings that my Blythe and I would like are light pink, dark pink, and red. My Blythe would like anything wearable for Christmas. These stockings are so adorable! Good luck to everyone who enters!


Ivy Weir

Hello Madeline!!

My name is Ivy , I'm 10, and I LOVE blythe, teehee!!
Well, the shocking that Mae likes is green, Willow likes the purple one, and I like the blue one!!! Thanks for doing this AWESOME giveaway!!!

Love Ivy :D :D :) :)

Ivy Weir

Oh, sorry! I didn't tell you what my blythe dolls want for Christmas!! They both want new clothing, Willow wants a peace dress, and Mae wants a mini iPod!!
Merry Chrismas Madeline!!!

Love Ivy xxx

Sumi Hour

My name is Sumaiya and IM 9 3/4.
Hmm the stokings. I like THe purple one, Kalinka likes the Dark pink one, And my lil' sister blythe ( who also wants to enter) LIkes the pink one.

Kalinka wants a computer (with a camera) a phone (with a touch screen) A nintendo ds (preferably 3D) some new dresses and (I think this is a little bit wierd) A sister (Vinter Arden)!!!!! Whew I dont know if I can afford all of this!
LOve Sumaiya xxxx
p.s. Sorry if ive got 2 of the first letters in a word caps :)


Hi madeline!
i love the stockings!!
now, the stockings i want are: the red one, the green one and/or the blue one. what my doll wants for christmas is one of your stockings, an ipad 2 and a new sewing machine!!!
I dont know if i can get a sewing machine or an ipad 2, but i might get the stocking!!
From Tyrese

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