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Saturday, 18 June 2011


Tyrese Bernardo

Hi there
My name is Tyrese and I am ten. My un-named Blythe wants a blue boa. Why is she called un-named? Because she doesn't have a name!! I will think of one soon though! I am hinking of Scarlett Button or Eryn Saly.


HI My sister and I love your Blog. My name is Jill and I am 7. I love your Blue Boa (blue is my favorite color) My Blythe Sasa would love it as Blue is also her favorite color.


I almost forgot to tell you that My sister Jayne and I will make a post on our blog for your giveaway as well.



My name is Cady and I am 13 and my blythe Evie (Simply chocolate) would LOVE to own a blue scarf. They are SOO cute! :) I have also made a post about this competition on my blog, here: http://summerdays.doodlekit.com/blog/entry/1921103/an-awesome-giveaway


Hello Madline!My name is Semeeah I'm a 12 year old homeschool girl living in USA.I have two blythe dolls and their names are Crystal and Sunflower.Crystal and Sunflower would like to win the pink scraf.I really hope that I could win this GREAT giveaway!! :)


Hi madeline. What a great giveawy.
My name is Charlotte and I am 7. My blythe doll is called Sunset Bright. I would like to win a yellow boa, it goes with her name.
love Charlotte


This is Charlotte again. My blog is www.adventureswithblythe.blogspot.com just in case I win.

Sumi Hour

Hi Madeline
My name is Sumaiya and I am 9 years old. My blythe doll is called Kalinka and she would love to win a blue boa to match her beautiful blue eyes!

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